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February 23, 2023

How to Repurpose Your YouTube content?

More than 122 million users log in daily to consume content on YouTube, making it one of the most powerful and popular platforms on the […]


February 23, 2023
repurpose youtube content

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More than 122 million users log in daily to consume content on YouTube, making it one of the most powerful and popular platforms on the internet. Yet, just because YouTube is popular, it doesn't mean you shouldn't repurpose YouTube content.

On the contrary.

Being on YouTube can help your business reach new audiences, engage existing ones, and drive more revenue to your business. Yes, YouTube is the crown jewel of online video, but it doesn't necessarily mean your videos should live (and die) on the platform. Repurposing your YouTube content is, in fact, key to success.

How to do it?

Read on and find out more.

Why Repurpose YouTube Content?

Repurposing YouTube content yields many benefits, but here are some of the most important ones:

Increased Brand Exposure

When you repurpose YouTube content, you can reach new audiences that may not spend most of their time on YouTube. Furthermore, sometimes, different platforms' algorithms for feeding users with content may work differently -- so posting your content on other channels might help you get more views and followers.

Cost Savings

When you repurpose content, you need to create less of it -- and thus, you can save more money. One YouTube video can become the basis for five to ten other pieces of content you can share on other platforms without significant added costs.

Improved User Engagement

The more people see you, the more they will like you. This is called the Mere Exposure Effect, and it's a technique used by some of the biggest brands in the world (like Coca-Cola, McDonald's, and Nike). When you repurpose your YouTube content, more people will come across it, which makes it more likely for people to engage with you. And while impressions are cool, engagement is the oil behind future conversions.

Helps with SEO

Videos enjoy a great deal of visibility in search engines -- even those outside of YouTube itself. For instance, when you Google something, you may sometimes be fed with videos on YouTube. Furthermore, when you include videos in your written content (e.g., in your blog posts), Google's algorithm will see it as a sign of quality content -- and thus boost your rankings too.

Boosted Industry Authority

When you repurpose content, you can reach more people and become a thought leader in the field. The more information you share and the wider your reach is, the better it is for your business, as more and more people will perceive you as an authority in your area.

Building a Social Media Audience

Social media is wildly popular these days -- and when you repurpose YouTube content, you can create a two-way street for engagement. In other words, people will watch your videos on the platform of their choosing and then share them with others who may be interested in what you have to say.

More Flexibility

Sometimes, the format and content of your YouTube video might not be suitable for other platforms. When repurposing it, you can tailor its shape and form to appeal to the respective platform’s audience.

Improves Your Content Production ROI

Because you won't have to create as much content, you won't have to invest as much money in it either. This means that the return on investment for your content creation efforts will be higher since you'll be investing less in it.

Increased Conversions

Ultimately, the main reason anyone repurposes content is to increase conversions. When you repurpose your YouTube content, you'll be able to reach more people and thus increase the chances of them converting into customers down the line. Moreover, according to research, people will go through no less than eight touchpoints before they make a purchase -- so the more you repurpose your content, the more of you people will see and thus, the reader they'll be to convert.

Distribute YouTube Content

6 Ideas for YouTube Content Repurposing

YouTube content can be repurposed in virtually any way you want, but here are some of the most efficient techniques you could use:

Shorts, Reels, and TikTok

Short-form video has gained much traction in the last couple of years. With TikTok as a rising (albeit unstable) star in social media, people love swiping up on short, nugget-sized videos.

The good news? A long-form YouTube video can be easily repurposed into numerous smaller bits, which you can then share on YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok. To do this, you will need to use a video-cutting tool, like:

  • Joyoshare VidiKit
  • Gihosoft Free Video Cutter
  • Filmora Video Editor
  • Adobe Premiere Pro


Your YouTube content can be easily turned into video ads as well -- for YouTube or for other channels. Many people think all YouTube ads have to be salesy and loud, but that's not always the case. Even informational video content can be turned into successful ads if targeted correctly, so don't dismiss it as "non-advertising material."

If you're looking to partner up with an agency that will help you create and distribute YouTube ads, be sure to check out Yugo Media. We have decades of collected experience in content creation, PPC, and marketing businesses like yours. Our tried and tested processes can help you generate quality ads, target them correctly, and optimize them forensically over time. Contact us and let's chat about your YouTube ads strategy!


Podcasts are a great way to repurpose your videos. Essentially, you can turn all videos into audio-only content and post it on podcast platforms like:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Spotify
  • Google Podcasts

Blog post (and embed the video in the blog post)

You can also repurpose your YouTube videos into blog posts. To do this, take the main points from the video and create a compelling narrative around them.

You can embed the video into the blog post, as well. This works great if you want to break down a certain topic in an easy and accessible way. Furthermore, as mentioned before, it can help with SEO as well.

Segment the video and share the bits on social media

You can segment your videos into smaller chunks, be it by topic or by time. Sharing the bits on social media can help you reach more people and bring them closer to your brand. For example, Chris Walker and the team at Refine Labs became well-known on social channels like LinkedIn with this specific technique: they shared bits and pieces of their webinar content on social media, drawing more attention to their brand, proposition, and overall message.

Q&A with viewers

Want to make your YouTube content more interactive?

All you have to do is turn it into a Q&A session with your viewers. Ask for their questions in the comments section, and then answer them in your next video, or a special Q&A edition.

How to Build a YouYube Content Repurposing Calendar

Repurposing content is one of the best things you'll do for your business. However, it is important to remember that you can't be on all platforms, at once. Even if you're just repurposing your content, you should still focus on those channels likely to bring in more attention, engagement, and, ultimately, revenue.

There's no magic recipe for this. You have to try different channels, see how they work, and then adjust your strategy accordingly.

Once you've figured out which channels are worth your attention, you must also ensure you stay on top of things. A content repurposing calendar can be very helpful, as it allows you to plan out your content repurposing strategy for an entire month or even a full quarter.

You can do this in a spreadsheet. List your YouTube videos in the first column, then add a new column for each channel you want to share your repurposed content. Make sure to add dates and stick to your plan. The amazing thing about content is that it stacks up, so every share, every engagement, and every new follower can build up in time.


Content repurposing is a great way to get the most out of your YouTube videos. It's a cost-efficient, smart way to help you be in as many places as possible without sacrificing your content's quality.

Is it easy?

No. It does require hard work and dedication.

But it will pay off.

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