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May 26, 2023

Top YouTube Marketing Companies & How to Choose the Right One For Your Business

Top YouTube Marketing companies are skyrocketing. And it's easy to see why. According to Statista, there are more than 2.5 billion people on YouTube. That's […]


May 26, 2023
Top YouTube Marketing Companies in 2023

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Top YouTube Marketing companies are skyrocketing.

And it's easy to see why.

According to Statista, there are more than 2.5 billion people on YouTube. That's approximately one-third of the entire global population scrolling through YouTube videos to educate and entertain themselves. That's your ideal customer, right there, waiting to stumble upon your solution to their wants and needs.

If you want to tap into this huge opportunity, looking for the best YouTube marketing companies is the natural next step -- not always the easiest, though, considering the myriad of YouTube agencies out there.

Is it even worth it to sift through the the top YouTube marketing companies and get to the best ones? How do you hire a YouTube marketing company that helps you leverage the power of this platform?

We have some tips and suggestions for you -- so read on to find out more.

YouTube Marketing Stats 

As pointed by the numbers mentioned in the introduction, YouTube is large. Very large. So large that it's hard to imagine the internet without it. Sure, TikTok and Instagram may have their (well-deserved) spot in the world of online videos -- but YouTube is still the leader of the pack.

According to a recent study, YouTube is the second most popular website worldwide -- right after Google. More specifically, as of November 2022, Google had recorded 88.4 billion visits, while YouTube ranked second with 74.8 billion visits. By comparison, Facebook came in third, at a meager 10.7 billion visits -- almost six times less than YouTube.

What's more important for you, as a business owner, is that, despite the doom-and-gloom foreshadowing of a supposed "end" of YouTube, numbers tell a different story. In 2022, YouTube's brand was valued at $23.89 billion -- an increase of more than $6 billion from 2021 (when it was valued at $17.29 billion.)

In 2021, 89% of marketers said they want more to invest in YouTube Ads, showing a clear sign YouTube is a very sought-after solution for advertisers who want to reach new audiences with the power of video.

Yes, TikTok is popular. Yes, it's addictive. Yes, there are very smart things about its algorithm. But even if you leave aside the scandals surrounding TikTok, one thing's for certain: YouTube's been around since 2005. Its history proves that if they know to do something really well is to embrace the trends and ride the tide of change.

Advantages of YouTube marketing 

There's a reason YouTube is so popular among marketers: it works. Some of the benefits of incorporating YouTube in your marketing strategy include:

Large pool of users

As previously mentioned, YouTube boasts an impressive number of users and tends to be more engaged than other social networks.

High reach & visibility

The bigger your YouTube channel gets, the higher your chances are at reaching a wider audience. Additionally, because YouTube is owned by Google, it has excellent SEO ranking capabilities.

Low cost of production

Despite popular opinion, creating a YouTube video doesn't have to break the bank -- especially if you know what works best for your brand. All it takes is some creativity and the right strategies.


The average YouTube Ads CPC is $0,49. Done well, YouTube ads can bring more interested people to your (digital) doorstep, for a fraction of the cost.

High ROI

The combination of low-cost production, low CPC, and higher reach & visibility results in an increased ROI -- which is exactly what you should aim for with every marketing effort.

Higher customer engagement

YouTube videos can help you build relationships with your customers and create loyalty. Not only that -- they also enable you to provide feedback quickly, plus collect data on customer behavior & preferences. It's a win on all grounds.

How to Pick a YouTube Marketing Company

Choosing a YouTube marketing agency doesn't have to feel like looking for the needle in a haystack. Sifting through the top YouTube Marketing companies can be a simple process -- as long as you know what to look for:

  • Assess your needs. Before you start looking for an agency, take a minute to assess your needs: how many videos do you need, what are your expectations, and how will these videos help you drive your company's messaging and narrative?
  • Research. Now that you know what you need, it's time to start researching. Use online resources such as reviews and case studies to narrow your list down to a few potential agencies.
  • Evaluate portfolios and pricing. Take a look at each agency's portfolio and see how their work resonates with your business, brand, and target audience. Contact those that seem like a good fit.
  • Discuss. Before you make a final decision, discuss your project and objectives with each agency. Ask as many questions as possible so you can get a good feel of how the team works and to make sure everyone's on the same page when it comes to your expectations.
  • Decide and sign. Once you've made up your mind, sign a contract that clearly stipulates all expectations, on both ends, and let the agency get to work -- it's show time!

Top YouTube Marketing Companies to Consider in 2023

Still not sure which YouTube company to choose for your video ads in 2023? Here are some the top YouTube marketing companies to consider:

Yugo Media

When we created YugoMedia, we wanted to offer something different.

We wanted to use our experience in PPC and content creation to bring stories to life, bring our customers into the spotlight, and help them drive revenue home. So we did that.

We wanted to put order into chaos and make sure every Yugo client understands the entire process. So we put together a clean, user-friendly system that replicates success without losing the essence of each client's unique selling proposition, target audience, and objectives.

We wanted results, not just noise.

And we delivered.

Yugo Media Review
Yugo Media Review Hwei Oh

Linx Digital

Linx Digital offers YouTube, TikTok, and Meta Ads, and they also have a YouTube Ads and a TikTok Ads masterclass. If you want to learn about running ads on YouTube, their channel is quite on top of things, covering both basics and the latest news.

Linx Digital specializes in high-ticket items in a variety of industries, so if that's what you're looking for, they are an option to consider.

WebSpero Solutions

WebSpero Solutions is one of the top YouTube marketing companies on Clutch, with a near-perfect 5-star score from nearly 80 users. They are not specialized in just YouTube Ads, though, as they are a full-service digital marketing agency. PPC (including YouTube Ads and TikTok Ads) are in their offering, but their entire business model is focused on covering as many digital marketing bases as possible, rather than laser-focusing their skills in one area only.

There's nothing wrong with that, of course, but if you want to work with someone who knows YouTube inside out and stays on top of the latest trends, changes, and policies, it's best to work with a YouTube marketing company specialized in this area.

Disruptive Advertising 

While WebSpero Solutions focuses on most areas of digital marketing, Disruptive Advertising has centered its niche on pay-per-click ads. They do provide some Search Engine Optimization services as well, but as their offer shows, their main focus is on advertising.

Disruptive Advertising customers appear to be quite happy with their services, especially since this agency also ranks on Clutch among the top ones in the industry.


Choosing the right YouTube marketing company for your business doesn't have to be a hassle. Researching, evaluating portfolio and pricing, discussing project goals and objectives, and signing a contract are steps you can take to make the best decision for your business. It may seem overwhelming at first, but all the effort will be worth it!

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