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Run YouTube Ads that Drive Customers to Click and Buy

Compel your customers with YouTube Ads that make the shopping experience as close to brick-and-mortar stores as digital media can ever get.
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Most Marketers are like politicians

Slow at making promises, but his follow-through is through the roof. They are concerned about suistainable marketing, customer acquisition and generating a postive ROI

Daniel Gonske

Evolve Artist

Why Video Ads Are a Must for eCommerce Businesses and The Power of Segmentation

Do you know why many people don’t click the “buy” button? Find out how our forensic segmentation can improve your conversion rates. Using segmented retargeting that follows your user on the journey toward conversion.

The first role in video marketing for eCommerce businesses is attracting people to your site. 
Once they are there, your goal is to retain and convert them.

What happens when they don't?

It’s not that they didn’t like your site, your checkout progress, or even the fact that you charge a shipping fee. Sure, these can all be very valid reasons – but the underlying cause behind them is actually much simpler. 

People don’t buy online because they’re afraid of what they might receive. 

And that’s exactly where video ads help your potential clients see your products in action, for an enhanced shopping experience, no matter where they are. 

Don’t have to take our word for granted. Believe the data instead: 

  • 92% of consumers use video to make purchase decisions 
  • YouTube ads are 84% more likely to get people’s attention than TV ads
  • In 2022, digital ad spend exceeded $67bn in the United States only 

The Power of Segmentation with Custom YouTube Ads Retargeting

Abandonded shopping carts? Viewed check out pages? Checked wishlists?
Every engagement can be turned into a segmented and specific journey with the power of segmentation of YouTube Ads retargeting campaigns.
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How to Unite Paid Media and Video Marketing

Research shows there will be more than 376,758 eCommerce websites in the U.S. in 2023. 

A lot? 

Sure. But standing out from the crowd to capture your audience’s attention and drive more clicks (and cash) to your online store is more possible than ever.  

At Yugo Media, we have created a framework meant to help eCommerce businesses like yours. Our services cover the A to Z of video content creation and promotion on YouTube: 

  • Video conceptualization, creation, and direction
  • Repurposing your content
  • Adding multiple touchpoints to your funnel, so you can increase your sales
  • Targeting it where it will have the biggest impact on your revenue

Your online store deserves all the right kind of attention – and YouTube ads can bring it to your doorstep.

How Yugo Media Supports and Enables

We have more than a decade of experience in PPC, content creation, and video marketing -- more than enough time to have developed (and refined) unbeatable and innovative systems that help us drive real results for our clients.

In short, here's how we do this:


Research and Strategy

We take the time to understand you, your offer, and your ideal customer -- and then devise a uniquely equipped strategy to bring coaching clients to your doorstep.


Creation, Enablement, and Direction

We help you create, enable, and direct the perfect video: the one that will grab your audience's attention, entice them, and convince them to click on your link.


Targeting and Data

We're a data-driven team -- so we will make sure your ad shows to those people who are actually likely to become your customers. Real people. With real interest. Driving real awareness of the fantastic things you do.


Forensic Optimization

At Yugo Media, we believe our work isn't done once the ad is published. Once it's up, we will continuously work to optimize your ad from every point of view, to make sure you're getting the most value for your money.

Accelerate with Video

Video advertising can help you move the needle and put your business in front of the right eyes. 

Random advertising on YouTube? Leave that to those who don’t want a solid Return on Investment. At YugoMedia, we know the reasons most YouTube ads fail lie in the strategy behind them.

With our team in your corner, your video ads will bring the ROI you’re aiming for. We’ll look into your: 

  • Targeting (to understand your ideal customer and what they engage with)
  • Messaging (to make sure we address their specific wants and needs) 
  • Campaign objective (to give your ads a GPS pin-point to success)
  • Product-market fit (to ensure your product and your market are a match made in Heaven)

So? What do you think?

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