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Paid Media for Course Developers and Infoproduct Entrepreneurs

Tap into the power of YouTube Ads and Video to reach people with the right intent and ready to convert.
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Most Marketers are like politicians

Slow at making promises, but his follow-through is through the roof. They are concerned about suistainable marketing, customer acquisition and generating a postive ROI

Daniel Gonske

Evolve Artist

Why Video Ads Are a Must for Course Developers and Infoproduct Entrepreneurs

The Creator Economy is booming. According to a study run by Goldman Sachs, the entire Creator industry will be worth $250 billion in 2023. What's more, the same industry is expected to almost double by 2027 and reach $490 billion. 

That's nearly half a trillion dollars right around the corner.

If you're a creator, you're sitting on a gold mine, and you can't wait until you get your first "viral" social media post to get the recognition you deserve. YouTube ads allow you to tap into the growing consumption of video content and reach people interested in what you have to learn.

Whether you sell a painting education program, a fitness course, a cooking masterclass, or an eBook on how to start your own software agency, YouTube Ads can get you closer to your potential customers.

Data doesn't lie:

  • 92% of consumers use video to make purchase decisions 
  • YouTube ads are 84% more likely to get people’s attention than TV ads

In 2022, digital ad spend exceeded $67bn in the United States only

The Power of Segmentation with Custom YouTube Ads Retargeting

Not everyone's interested in your subject matter expertise and that's OK, because your courses and infoproducts are not for everyone.

They're for driven people who want to enrich their knowledge, get more out of a skill, or simply improve their life by picking up on a new habit or working on an old passion.
YouTube Ads allows you to target and retarget the specific segment you want to spend your ad budget on the one willing to spend their time (and money) with your infoproducts and courses.

Segmentation allows you to move leads down the funnel with specific ads that encourage them to take the next step. Decreaseing the cylce from lead to revenue. 
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How to Unite Paid Media and Video Marketing

The difference between creators who make it and those who don't rarely lies in their expertise, charisma, or know-how. The difference lies in their ability to be where their target audience is, speak their language, and hook them in with content that speaks to them all at the right time.

At Yugo Media, we have created a framework meant to help creators like you. Our services cover the A to Z of video content creation and promotion on YouTube: 

  • Video conceptualization, creation, and direction
  • Repurposing your content
  • Paid Media customer acquisition strategy 
  • Adding multiple touchpoints to your funnel, so you can increase your revenue opportunity
  • Data-driven segmentation to decrease buyer journey and cycle
  • Targeting it where it will have the biggest brand impact and ROAS 

Your content deserves to stand out from the crowd -- and Yugo Media will help your brand shine brighter for the right people at the right time.

How Yugo Media Supports and Enables Course Developers and Infoproduct Entrepreneurs

We’re not your next-door “digital agency.”
We’re a team of paid analysts, content marketers, video creators, project managers, and digital strategists with a very clear goal in mind:
We help content creators put themselves in front of the right audience.
Our tried-and-tested four-step system will help you drive more awareness and revenue to scale your customer acquisition.

Research and Strategy

We take the time to really understand you, what your store’s all about, and who your ideal customer is. And once we have all our qualitative and quantitative data in order, we’ll devise a strategy to fit your specific situation


Creation, Enablement, and Direction

We’re there for you every step of the way. Our team of experts will help you create, enable, and direct the perfect video that will make your audience run to the checkout.


Targeting and Data

We don’t deal in guesswork and magic here. We’re a data-driven team – so we will make sure your ad is shown to the right people. The people most likely to not just watch your video, but also click on the link and make a purchase.


Forensic Optimization

Our work isn’t done when the ad is published. We work continuously to fine-tune and optimize your ad from every perspective and ensure you’re getting the most value for your marketing dollars.

Accelerate with Video

Video advertising can help you move the needle and start getting course subscribers and infoproduct downloads from people who stay engaged throughout the learning process. People likely to recommend you to their peers.

Random YouTube ads might work but if they do, they'll work the same way lottery tickets do. You've put too much time and effort into developing your expertise and personal brand to leave your future streams of income into the hands of sheer luck.

At YugoMedia, we take the guesswork out of the equation and help you create ads that convey your message, capture your charisma, and engage the audience most likely to buy from you.

With our team in your corner, your video ads will bring the ROI you’re aiming for. We’ll look into your: 

  • Targeting (to understand your ideal customer and what they engage with)
  • Messaging (to make sure we address their specific wants and needs) 
  • Campaign objective (to give your ads a GPS pin-point to success)
  • Product-market fit (to ensure your product and your market are a match made in Heaven)

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