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Drive More Real Estate Deals with YouTube Ads and Video Marketing

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YouTube ads and video marketing can help you accelerate growth.

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Why Video Is Essential For Real Estate Businesses and Entrepeneurs

Did you know 45% of people spend 1 to 5 hours/ week on YouTube -- and 23% of them spend 6 to 10 hours on the same platform?

The chances of someone looking for a house or investment opportunity that use YouTube are pretty big.

What if you could get their attention on the real estate or investement you're selling, the right way, at the right moment?

YouTube Ads and Video Marketing can help you do that.

Not to mention putting the right content infront of the the right person.

A well-directed quality video can build up "dream home" and “dream investment” vibes quicker than the sound of rattling keys.

And a video that's well put together and intelligently targeted can bring about the exact effect you're looking for: bookings, house showings, and, sealed deals.

How to Unite Paid Media and Video Marketing

PPC has an immense power: that of showing your ads at the right time, in the right place, and for the right people.

Combined with the power video ads have to attract attention, PPC can skyrocket your real estate business like nothing else. It can show your houses to more people, in a quicker amount of time, and with a higher ROI than any other channel there is.

At Yugo Media, we bring PPC and video together to harness the full power of modern digital marketing for our Real Estate customers. More even, we help you build a YouTube ads strategy from A to Z:

  • Conceptualization
  • Video creation and direction
  • Content repurposing
  • Ad targeting
  • Campaign optimization and refining

...All so you can sign more deals, sell more real estate, and grow your business.

How Yugo Media Supports and Enables Real Estate Businesses

We're putting together our more than ten years of PPC, content, and video marketing experience to create a unique experience for each and every single client coming our way. And we're not doing it chaotically.

We have a tried-and-tested system meant to make the entire process ultra-efficient and data-driven:


Research and Strategy

We take the time to understand you, your offer, and your ideal customer -- and then we devise a strategy uniquely equipped to bring customers to your doorstep.


Creation, Enablement, and Direction

We help you create, enable, and direct the perfect video: the one that will grab your audience's attention, entice them, and convince them to click on your link.


Targeting and Data

We're a data-driven team -- so we will make sure your ad shows to those people who are actually likely to become your customers. Real people. With real interest. Driving real awareness of your expertise and how easy it is for your audience to tap into your experience and knowledge.


Forensic Optimization

At Yugo Media, we believe our work isn't done once the ad is published. Once it's up, we will continuously work to optimize your ad from every point of view, to make sure you're getting the most value for your money.

Accelerate with Video

Open your doors to YouTube Ads and we'll open the gates to a whole new world of possibilities for your real estate business. Fast-forward your way into true real estate success with the most effective channel you could ever opt for -- and the most dedicated team you can ever find.
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