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Why You Can't Sustainably Scale Google Ads

Nine times out of ten, when I sit on a call with a prospective customer, I find that the #1 reason that people get frustrated with Google Ads, is due to issues related to scalability.  In this article, we will deep dive into why scaling Google Ads is remarkably difficult and why we here at […]
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How to make YouTube Ads work for my business

Yugo Media and YouTube Ads are the sharp chisel in the carpenters' toolbox. In this article, I hope to give an insight on how to make YouTube Ads practically work for businesses, irrespective of the size, industry or product.  It’s no secret that videos have become the most popular choice for content consumption today. But […]
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Why Google Ads are not working for B2B businesses

Google Ads and the PPC-driven lead gen problems for businesses pretty much go hand in hand.  Google Ads experienced a churn rate of over 45% in the last 12 months. I wonder why? If only it was as easy as turning on a tap and getting leads?  In this article, I will go over why […]
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YouTube Ads vs. Facebook Ads. What’s the difference?

The ad platform scene is constantly evolving. We broke down the main differences between YouTube Ads and Facebook Ads. Which works best for me? What if I have a limited budget? Let’s get stuck in. Audience and reach Advertiser tools and platform UI/UX Ad formats ROI What are YouTube Ads? YouTube Ads is a video-first […]
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