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September 9, 2023

6 Ways To Work With A Paid Media Agency Efficiently 

How to work with a paid media agency without it being a nightmare? The question has to be answered! In this article I will share […]


September 9, 2023
Work With A Paid Media Agency

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How to work with a paid media agency without it being a nightmare? The question has to be answered!

In this article I will share my experience of years working on the agency end and the customer side, how to set up systems or strategies that will contribute to the success of the relationship, scale your customer acquisition and growth.

Working With Paid Media Agencies

Paid media advertising campaigns can be a great way to get your brand or offering in front of potential customers with the right message, at the right time. 

1 out of every 3 paid media campaigns are managed by a paid media agency. Often choosing the right agency for long-term relationships and future growth can be challenging. In this article, we will explain 6 ways to improve your paid media campaigns with your digital partner and grow your relationship.

Paid Media Agencies and Opportunity Generation 

The goal of running paid media campaigns is to simply create the opportunity of support opportunity pipeline. 

There are multiple touch points in a buyer journey and paid media can contribute at different stages in unique ways other efforts can often struggle to reach. The agencies or companies that manage your paid media should be held accountable at all times for this goal. 

Contribute revenue opportunity and alignment 

Agencies that are aligned with your business goals should feel fully committed to creating an impact and generating pipeline revenue that can support your business's growth. However, simply “switching on opportunity” with paid media and collaborating with agencies building the perfect lead magnets, running campaigns, and a/b testing can all be quite time-consuming, technically complex, and expensive. This can often lead to frustration when managed with wrong expectations, lack of boundaries, and bad communication. 

Let’s dive into optimizing paid media campaigns with external partners to get the best possible results creating scalable and sustainable growth.

Advantages of Working with a Digital Media Buying Agency

One of the biggest advantages of working with a digital media buying agency is that they have access to a wide range of tools and technologies that can help optimize your campaigns. But more importantly, you are buying into experience, reducing the “learning curve” and getting on-demand knowledge that should fast-track your success. 

For example, they can use data analytics to identify which ads are performing well and which ones aren’t. They can also use advanced programmatic media buying to automate the process of setting up and deploying ad campaigns. You can also tap into the power of post-click analysis utilizing heat maps and behavior insights to draw conclusions about the traffic and landing page performance. 

The biggest advantage of working with a digital media buying agency is that they have experience working with clients across industries, building creatives that convert, and managing campaigns that they can lean into. This means that they have a comprehensive understanding of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to paid media advertising.

This technically should shorten the learning curve and set your business up for success.

6 Ways for Improving Collaboration With Your Paid Media Partner

If you’re looking to optimize your paid media advertising campaigns, improve your relationship with your paid media agency or digital partner, and scale your efforts here are 6 practical ways to improve collaboration with an external paid media partner. 

1. Define Clear Goals and Set Boundaries 

Managing expectations and developing healthy boundaries is key. 

Before you start running your paid media campaigns, it’s essential to define your goals. What do you want to achieve with your campaigns? Do you want to drive more traffic to your website? Generate more leads? Increase sales? Improve conversion rates? Increase customer retention? Once you’ve defined your goals, you can create campaigns that are tailored to achieving those goals. 

2. Know Your Audience and Market

To create effective paid media campaigns, you need to know your audience. Who are they? What are their interests? What motivates them? By understanding your audience, you can create ads that are more likely to resonate with them.

Take the time to educate your partner with market knowledge and industry intel to upskill them to make recommendations or strategic decisions based on contextual marketing understanding. 

From our experience here at Yugo Media, the more you know about an industry and audience the better the results. 

3. Use the Right Keywords, Segments and Ads, Understanding “Intent”

Keywords, audience segments, interests, and search terms are an important part of any paid media campaign, unlocking your ICP’s intent (Ideal Customer Profile). They help ensure that your ads are shown to the right people at the right time with the right mindset. Make sure you’re using the right keywords for your campaigns at the right time in your funnel. 

Understanding your buyer intent will help spend more advertising dollars on audiences that are ready to convert. 

4. A/B Test and Refine Your Ads

Paid media advertising is all about testing and refining your ads to perfection. You need to constantly monitor your campaigns and make adjustments as needed. This will help ensure that you’re getting the best possible results from your campaigns.

Let your digital partner or agency invest a % of our budget into split testing, this long-term will reap higher ROAS and better ROI. In the short term, this may look unnecessary but the long term will pay off. 

5. Use Programmatic Platforms and Custom Scripts

Programmatic platforms are an automated way of scaling your media buying. By using scripts and advanced rules you can automate and scale a lot of your mundane daily paid media tasks. It uses algorithms and data analytics to identify the best practices for your campaign and then automatically implements changes to the campaign for you. This can save you time and money while also improving the effectiveness of your campaigns.

6. Monitor Your Results and Create Feedback Loops

Once your campaigns are up and running, it’s important to monitor your results closely and create feedback loops that will contribute to your goals. This will help you identify what’s working and what’s not so that you can make adjustments as needed.

Consider getting your sales team, marketing team, and external partner together in the same room, share industry feedback, and market knowledge and delve into what's working with the campaigns asking questions that help inform strategy. 

Create clear actionable feedback loops that inform the paid media team to make better targetting choices and refine their strategy. The relationship with your paid media agency or digital partner should not be a silo.


If you’re looking to optimize your paid media advertising campaigns and work with a digital media buying agency, consider Yugo Media. We are an industry-led agency specializing in YouTube Ads, Google Ads, and Meta advertising. We have internal creative capabilities and a highly skilled programmatic paid media team that can help you scale your paid media safely! 

We hope this article was helpful! If you want more information on how digital media buying agencies can help optimize your paid media advertising campaigns, check out our other blogs on Yugo Media. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel for more tips and tricks on digital marketing or sign up for our FREE Audit here!

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